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Meet the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, smartphones built by Google

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Meet the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Meet the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, smartphones built by Google and designed around you.

With Pixel, you’re seen, heard, and connected wherever you go. And it all starts with the brains behind Pixel 7 — The Google Tensor G2 chip. Pixel’s newest processor is custom-built with Google AI and makes Pixel faster and more secure, delivering the best photo and video quality yet.

Time to meet their next-level cameras. The Pixel 7’s dual-rear camera takes incredible photos in stunning color and detail. You give your videos a dramatic effect with Cinematic Blur.

Real Tone accurately and beautifully represents all skin tones. Now meet the pro-level triple rear camera system on the Pixel 7 Pro. It includes an upgraded Ultra Wide lens that powers Macro Focus to make tiny details epic.


The telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and our next-generation Super Res Zoom get you close-up quality even from far away. Easily edit your photos with Magic Eraser. It magically erases distractions.

There, much better. Your photos and everything else on your phone deserves multiple layers of security. The Google Tensor G2 and Titan M2 security chips protect your personal information. And with the built-in VPN by Google One, Pixel 7 protects your online activity.

Clear Calling diminishes the caller’s background noise, so you can catch up clearly. Extreme Battery Saver lets you stay out without looking for an outlet for up to 72 hours. Google technology works with your body too. Meet the first-ever Google Pixel Watch. With the best of Fitbit built in.

Add Pixel Buds Pro for immersive, premium sound and sleek design.
With MultiPoint Connectivity, you stay connected while you switch devices, hands-free. Add a soundtrack to whatever you’re doing, and with Active Noise Cancellation, your music sounds epic everywhere.

All this and Pixel 7 keeps getting better with Feature Drops that automatically improve your phone every few months.