Play games at the same time doing gymnastics advance seems to be a new thing that is worth a try.

This new, unique mobile phone game titled Rainbrow created by Nathan Gitter, Bachelor’s degree, majoring in computer science of the University of Washington. This game is categorized as an arcade game because the physical dexterity to sharpen when playing.

Unlike other smartphones arcade game that is driven by a touch of the fingers, Rainbrow requires users moving eyebrows and facial expressions in order to be able to do the game.

Gameplay this game is quite simple. Players only need to collect the score as much as possible to capture the star uses emoji. The star will continue to move randomly up and down so that it requires the player to constantly move the emoji.

In order to move the emoji to the top, the user should raise eyebrows and make facial expressions by surprise. As for doing the movement down, users must create a sullen facial expression. If you don’t want to create movement or remain in place, the user must make facial expressions.

But of course, the game is not as easy as it gets underway. In each game, the user should avoid other emoji, like cars, clouds, basketball and a duck.

The longer the game goes on, the game will be more difficult, as the icon of the bully will move faster. Herein lies the challenge game Rainbrow.

Unfortunately, these new games can be played via iPhone devices. for X, this game is made by adopting technologies that can detect the position of ARKit, topology, as well as the facial expressions in real time. This technology belongs to new and can only work in systems iOS 11.

However, the creator of this game as Gitter is planning to add a paid version for the future. In a paid version, Gitter will give new emoji in order to experience the play can be felt more complex.